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Poet Chris Erickson Reads at the John Natsoulas Gallery May 4th at 8PM

Poet Chris Erickson

Reads at the John Natsoulas Gallery

May 4th at 8PM

The Poetry Night Reading Series is proud to feature the author and performance artist Chris Erickson on Thursday, May 4th at 8 P.M. He will be performing at the John Natsoulas Gallery at 521 1st Street in Davis.

Chris Erickson’s writing has appeared in The American Reader, Gigantic, and The Hobo-Tramp Voice. According to the Chris Erickson book Henrytown, “Henrytown is about village in Illinois. The theme is the difficulty of collaboration.” Buzzfeed.com says Henrytown “would not be out of place on a Princeton syllabus.” Jonathon Sturgeon of Flavorwire.com says, “after reading Henrytown, I’ve come to appreciate that a younger crop of writers gets rural America.” His new novella Diseaseum is excerpted in The Capilano Review.

A beloved Davis educator, pop-culture raconteur, and linguistic roustabout, Chris Erickson is the favorite performance artist of many Davisites. About him, Dr. Andy Jones has said, “With his love of music, dance, and unexpected props, Chris Erickson brings more energy and laughs to Poetry Night than any other performer. Bright-eyed, discerning, and committed, Erickson remains a staple of our poetry programming.” Originally from Decatur, Illinois, Erickson came to Davis to complete the graduate creative writing program at UC Davis; he has never left.

An open mic will follow the readings by the featured poet, Chris Erickson. Please bring your poems, short stories, and songs. Participants will be asked to limit their performances to five minutes or two items, whichever is shorter. The Poetry Night Reading Series is hosted by Dr. Andy Jones, the poet laureate of Davis, and is run by his assiduous army of interns. Although this time some of the content might be rated PG 13, you are welcome to attend this free event.


Upcoming featured poets include Bill O’Daly (May 18), Wendy Williams, and Indigo Moor.
Media Contact: Andy Jones

Email: aojones@gmail.com
The John Natsoulas Gallery 530-756-3938

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