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Our Supporters

The Poetry Night Reading Series expresses their gratitude to the following individuals and organizations for their past and present support helping publicize and making these events possible:

Pia Baur
Tom Beasley
Joshua Clover
Justin Cox
Briony Gylgayton
Brad Henderson
Joyce Jenkins
Andy Jones
Tim Kahl
Jessica Kristie
Corey La Rue
Janis Lott
John Natsoulas
Henry 7 Reneau Jr
Allegra Silberstein
Bob Stanley
Joe Wenderoth


Absurd Publications
The Davis Cultural Action Committee
The Sacramento Poetry Center
The John Natsoulas Gallery
Poetry Flash
The Adair Group


During Spring 2015, the Poetry in Davis website was updated and redesigned with help from Briony Gylgayton and a team of UWP112A editors (instructed by Professor Rebekka Andersen of UC Davis).


(L-R) Rebekkah Andersen, Daniel Staechelin, James Shrieve, Andy Jones, Elise Nicolas, Chloe Lessard.

About the students:

With a BA in German studies and a minor in professional writing from UC Davis, Daniel Stächelin is an independent translator, journalist, and editor. To see his other work, aside from his collaboration on the Poetry in Davis website, please go to staechelin.squarespace.com. In his free-time, Daniel plays Irish music on his accordion.
James Shrieve recently graduated with a BA in English from UC Davis, and is currently writing and editing professionally in the Bay Area.
Elise Nicolas graduated from UC Davis with a BA in English and minors in education and professional writing. She is currently pursuing her teaching credentials while working as a writer and editor.
Chloe Lessard received a BS in neurobiology, physiology, and behavior and minor in professional writing at UC Davis, and is pursuing a concurrent MA in Public Health and Journalism at UC Berkeley. She’s drawn to the social and political nature of healthcare, and enjoys the process of simplifying science for a general audience, a transformation that can be just as elegant as a poetry.