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Lawrence Dinkins at the Poetry Night Reading Series

 Lawrence Dinkins Jr.

The Poetry Reading Series is proud to feature the poet, artist, and MC Lawrence Dinkins on Thursday, June 1st at 8 P.M. Dinkins will be performing at the John Natsoulas Gallery at 521 1st Street in Davis.  

Lawrence Dinkins will return to Poetry Night on June 1st, bringing his well-known soul, humor, and indomitable spirit. The author of books and CDs, Dinkins is one of the most sought-after poetic performers in Sacramento. His poetry book Sub American explores politics, civil rights, and what it means to be a hyphenated American, while his Open Mic Sketchbook represents the Sacramento poetry scene with art, photography, essays, and poetry.

Poet and critic Cynthia Linville described Dinkins this way: “Lawrence Dinkins, Jr. —penname NSAA [pronounced en-sah-ah]— is a fire and brimstone urban poet seasoned with sex, reflection, tongue-in-cheek wit, and a cautious hope in the human race. This self-described pessimistic-optimist believes poetry has purpose— beyond beautifying bookshelves. He experiments with combining poetry with music, recordings, video, and visual art. He has several chapbooks and CDs, and his collection of art, photography, and poetry Open Mic Sketchbook, is available from little m press. Lawrence frequently attends, performs at, and hosts poetry and new music events in Sacramento and elsewhere in northern California.”

Poet Wendy Williams describes Dinkins like this: “Known as Lawrence Dinkins during the day but at night known as the nefarious “NSAA,” he is the author/editor of Open Mic Sketchbook (2013) [which provides] a quick look-in at the Mahogany Urban Poetry Series, one of Sacramento’s oldest spoken word venues where Lawrence is a host. He has also released two spoken word CD’s Lightning in a Bottle 1 (2009) and Lightning in a Bottle 2: NSAA’s Revenge (2013). Along with Ross Hammond, he is one half of Electropoetic Coffee, a poetry/musical duo that blends spoken word with guitar improvisation.”

Please join us for this exciting event on June 1st.
An open mic will follow the readings by our featured poets. Please bring your poems, short stories, and songs. Participants will be asked to limit their performances to five minutes or two items, whichever is shorter. The Poetry Night Reading Series is hosted by Dr. Andy Jones, the poet laureate of Davis, and is run by his assiduous army of interns.

Upcoming Poets include Wendy Williams, Indigo Moor, and Mary Moore.


Media Contact: Andy Jones
The John Natsoulas Gallery – (530) 756-3938


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