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Rosy Carrick

Rosy Carrick’s poetry has been described as simultaneously shocking, sensual and comedic. Longtime host of “Hammer and Tongue,” Brighton England’s largest monthly poetry and spoken word event, Carrick teaches writing workshops for adults and youths. She spends much of her time traveling through the UK and abroad reading poetry, and is currently on tour. Carrick holds a BA in English and Writing from the University of Wales, Aberystwyth and an MA in critical theory and creative writing from Sussex University. In addition to performing her poetry, Rosy may discuss some of her recent academic publications, including essays with titles such as “Getting Lost: Death, Bliss and Creativity,” and “‘Avant-Garde Poetry: Disordered Eating or Unpalatable Truth?” This fall and winter she will participate in “The Cinderella Project,” an innovative multimedia collaboration which seeks to “blur the boundary between paint and performance to create an immediate, visceral and interactive experience for its audience.”

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Rosy Carrick performed on October 21st, 2009.