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Molly Fisk

Born in San Francisco, Molly Fisk earned her BA from Radcliffe College/Harvard University, her MBA from Simmons College Graduate School of Management, and began writing at the age of 35. She is the author of Listening to Winter, The More Difficult Beauty, Terrain (with Dan Bellm and Forrest Hamer,) and the letterpress chapbook Salt Water Poems. She has received fellowships in poetry from the National Endowment for the Arts, the California Arts Council, and the Marin Arts Council. She’s won the Dogwood Prize, the Robinson Jeffers Tor House Prize in Poetry, the Billee Murray Denny Prize, and the National Writer’s Union Prize. Says poet Molly Peacock, “These poems [are] marvels of sheer whimsy and broad, wicked observation.”

Molly Fisk is a teacher of online and in-person classes and poetry writing workshops, including her famous Poetry Boot Camp (see http://poetrybootcamp.com/). A longtime host of radio shows on writing, creativity and gender issues on independent radio station KVMR, in recent years Molly has also placed radio essays in other media, including on KQED’s The California Report. Her two CDs of radio commentary are titled Blow-Drying a Chicken and Using Your Turn Signal Promotes World Peace. About her radio work, Fisk has said, “I’ve loved radio all my life for the way it enters the human brain so directly, not impeded by visual clutter. The intimacy of it, the fact that it’s so private but still so connected is compelling. I’ve fallen in love with so many radio voices, male and female, just because of that closeness. And radio seems the perfect way to convey local or national goings on, keeping people informed and at the same time reassured that the fabric of community is in place.”

Molly Fisk performed on August 4th, 2010.